Freshmen Outreach News

Here's some late-breaking news from Northeast RUF ministries:

We just finished our planning retreat this morning (Fri, 8/30). New students move in tomorrow and we have a cookout Monday to kick things off. – Eddie Park, Campus Minister at Brown University

We've had a broad reach of contacting students briefly with welcome tables, but need prayer that God would bring them to specific RUF events for further building of relationships. – Chris Garriott, Campus Minister at University of Maryland

Daniel (his English name) is a first-year graduate student from Asia. A neighbor of his who is in RUF brought him by our table where he and I were able to talk. He is not a Christian, but was taught a little about Christianity by his English teacher in Asia. He actually has had a folded piece of paper in his wallet for two years from this English teacher that gives a brief explanation of the gospel! He was very excited to meet us and wanted to meet regularly with me to learn more about Christianity. As of now, we have the numbers and interest to form two Asian graduate student Bible studies! Pray that God would open doors for these studies to materialize, and that these many students -- most of whom aren't Christians -- would come to know Christ. – Scott Mitchell, Campus Minister at Lehigh University

David Green, Area Coordinator
September 2, 2013 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018