Nomination of the next RUM Coordinator

From the RUF press release Oct. 4.

The RUM Permanent Committee is pleased to announce the nomination of Reverend Thomas Cannon to serve as the next Coordinator of Reformed University Ministries, pending approval by the General Assembly in June.

"I am humbled and excited about the opportunity to serve a ministry that has meant so much to me since 1981 as a student at the University of South Carolina," Tom commented. Rod Mays, RUM Coordinator said, "Having known Tom for more than 20 years, and having worked closely with him on several projects, I look forward to the transition and the effective leadership that Tom will bring to RUF and our denomination."

Tom is a devoted husband, father, and USC Gamecocks fan while remaining a dogged Philadelphia sports fan. "I can only hope to continue the faithful and effective leadership of Rod Mays. It is my desire to serve faithfully the Presbyterian Church in America in this exciting, vital ministry in the Kingdom of God," Tom remarked.

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