Sharing Our Faith

How does a student share their faith with their college peers in a way that is intelligent and caring? How do they do so in a way that validates that individual's worth instead of objectifying them as an object or target? How does a student even get to the place of sharing their faith in an environment where the spiritual atmospheric temperature ranges somewhere between apathy and antagonism?

Those are questions we are asking, and seeking to answer as we equip students as PITT to share the faith with their friends and acquaintances. There are a number of things we have been doing this year to that end. First, we seek to make everything we do in RUF comprehensible to those outside of the Christian tradition. We explain things, we acknowledge doubts, we preach the gospel as clearly as we can, in order that others might hear and understand what Christianity is about. Second, this semester our student leaders have been studying and discussing how to more faithfully share their faith with others. We are learning from others, from one another, and praying for those who do not know Jesus. Third, a few of us attended the MTW/RUF Global Missions Conference Nov 7-9th. Though only a few of our students are interested in foreign missions, we were all encouraged as we were reminded that God is at work on the mission of reaching people here. We were challenged to consider how we are often the greatest barrier to mission, with our selfish preoccupations and judgmental attitudes often blinding us to real opportunities. Pray for us!

Derek Bates, Campus Minister at Pitt
November 17, 2013 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018