That is the sound my body…and hockey stick…made when it bounced off the ice. Over the winter break, I signed-up for a beginners hockey class a) to meet new students and b) to come even closer to winning the Stanley Cup. Every Monday and Wednesday, approximately 25 students and I hit the ice (sometimes literally) for an hour-long lesson. We do skating drills, passing drills, shooting drills, etc. for about 45 minutes. Then we round off the lesson with a scrimmage. I look forward to these classes so much! I am having a ton of fun, and I’m meeting lots of new people and making some new friends. Please pray for these new relationships—namely, that we would have a lot of fun together and get to know one another better on and off the ice—and that maybe, just maybe, I would score a goal or two.

John Meinen, Campus Minister at Vermont
January 31, 2014
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