Encouragement in Ministry

One of the biggest challenges at RUF NYC is that our students come from all different campuses throughout the city. This is particularly challenging when it comes to our core Ministry Team as it just isn't workable to ask them to meet up weekly due to travel logistics. Instead, we meet at the beginning of each semester through a long three day weekend retreat, and then we have monthly meetings to refocus our efforts regularly.

This semester after being in New York for five years doing RUF, and having a Ministry Team for three years, we tried something different for our Ministry Team retreat. Instead of the normal meetings where I pick a topic and tell them what they need to do a better job at, I decided to focus on encouragement this time around. We tend to learn in multiple ways, but we learn best when there is a healthy dose of encouragement throughout the process. Sadly, I am not naturally gifted at this, so we spent time really both corporately and individually praising and encouraging each other. There was even time scheduled where students would go off and pray in twos focused on encouraging the other. At the end, I asked them all to submit index cards with prayer requests so I can be praying for them throughout the semester. I plan on emailing them regularly prayers I say on their behalf.

The irony of the weekend is that we had the best planning and implementation sessions we have ever had. They were focused and passionate for the semester to begin. Maybe there is something to this encouragement stuff after all.

Michael Keller, Campus Minister in New York City
February 21, 2014
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