Love in Action

Love In Action (LIA, for short) is the community service arm of RUFBrownRISD. We tutor Providence inner-city youth Saturday mornings in basic English and math. I'm doing it because I love the kids. I can help them with math and English, but I've also truly benefited from getting to see their vibrant personalities and being a small part of their lives. When I started tutoring in LIA as a RISD sophomore last year, I was paired with Jerryline who was in the 7th grade. We immediately hit it off. She and I were able to establish a really good connection and friendship, and so I knew I wanted to continue with LIA for the rest of my time at RISD.

When the opportunity came to me to lead the program this year (my junior year) I was immediately interested. The kids we tutor are so great, it's a great way to serve in the city of Providence. I am the leader for LIA now. As the leader, I'm less able to tutor Jerryline one-on-one, but Jerryline and I are still good friends. I arrive early on Saturday mornings, well before tutoring starts, so that I can prepare and be there for the kids and our college student tutors from the first moment they all arrive. Of course, leading has its challenges as well. We've struggled keeping consistent numbers with tutors but recently have started getting them back up. I am hoping and praying we continue this momentum. And sure, it's Saturday mornings; so sometimes the kids aren't as focused and wanting to do homework, but if we can at least work on establishing trust-confidence relationships between tutors and kids, I trust it will work out for the better.

I've always been drawn to children. In the last several year, I have traveled to Haiti, Tanzania and Uganda to work with children in those places. Through those experiences, I feel that God is making it clearer and clearer that I am called to work with and serve kids. Leading Love in Action is a perfect place to continue in this work here in the US and is just as if not equally important and valued service.

Robin Hilkey, junior at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), head of Love In Action
March 18, 2014 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018