Resting in Grace

There’s a student from another campus to whom I explained grace, but I may well never meet her or know her name.

After our regional RUF conference in late February, one of the other campus ministers emailed that a non-Christian student who had come with his campus went to my seminar. It was a one hour seminar on work and rest. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t say anything terribly original or even especially eloquently.

What we did talk about was the way that work is a meaningful, significant gift from God; and yet like all good gifts we easily make it into the ultimate thing in our lives. Unable to bear that kind of weight, it crushes us. This wisdom doesn’t come from me! (My wife routinely reminds me that I am a workaholic.) Such is the wisdom of Scripture. In a work-obsessed age, rest shines through as grace – indeed Hebrews 4 makes this point! My point: the Gospel informs even in the mundane and practical issues of work and rest.

It turns out that this particular young woman, with apparently no background in the Bible, told her Christian roommate that she thought that she finally understood what grace meant after that seminar. From what I understand this student is getting plugged in, and calls herself a Christian now. I don’t know who she is. I have no clue what she looks like. Yet God used the regular ministry of another RUF and a specific hour of my teaching to change her life. The beauty of God’s grace broke through, and the Spirit used the Word to convict and convince this young woman of Christ’s goodness.

It’s one of my new favorite stories from this semester! I’d love to be able to celebrate with this student, and yet there’s something powerful about not knowing. Perhaps I know enough: God showed up and used the concerted effort of RUF (across campuses!) as his vehicle.

Jeremy Mullen, Campus Minister at Harvard
April 8, 2014 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018