Happy Easter!

I was reading a book yesterday and stumbled upon a section pertaining to hope. The author said, “Hope…is faith directed toward the future. Suppose” the author wonders, “the entire universe is a very small thing, a womb. When you were in the womb, you probably thought that was the whole universe; it was enormous. ‘Is there life after birth? Maybe so, maybe not.’ You found out that there was.” In the same way, this present life is only the womb. The Resurrection is our proof. It is a message from the outside-in that there is more than meets the eye—that there is life on the other side.

“When you were a little fetus, you probably said, ‘Why do I have feet? Why am I kicking? There are no sidewalks.’ But now, you know."

In the same way, I know there is a lot in this life that doesn’t seem to make sense and is hard to understand. Death is near the top of that list. But one of the lessons of the Resurrection is that this (look around you) is only the womb. There is life on the other side. Death, which appears to be an end, is actually a beginning. What appears to be a dead end is actually a door—a door that Jesus has opened wide for us and is happy to lead us through.

So on this Easter day, be encouraged. This is only the womb. There is good reason to hope. And there is good reason to celebrate—which Megan and I will be doing with 15-20 students in our home tonight! Our table, now empty, will soon be filled. Pray that every (Christian and non-Christian) student who comes to dinner tonight would know the love of our Lord and be moved to wonder the hope that is Easter!

John Meinen, Campus Minister at Vermont
April 20, 2014
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