The BIG Move

I am finally in Delaware! After 2 years and much prayer I left my home in Atlanta for the last time and made the 16 hour tour to Dover, Delaware.

I left at 8am on Friday morning with a full Jeep and loaded down trailer. After trudging through Atlanta traffic, I finally hit the open road and made my way through 5 states and at 2am in the morning I finally arrived in Dover ... by the skin of my teeth! At about 1am my car started smoking and the dreaded check engine light came on! At that point I echoed the prayer I uttered before I left and just asked God to just get me to Dover with my car and my stuff. God is faithful and me and my dog are here right now enjoying the new home and beautiful Delaware weather! Thanks to all of you for praying for this transition over the last two years.

Daryl Wattley, Campus Minister at Delaware State University
June 16, 2014 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018