God is at Work

For RUF campus ministers, we're coming up on the part of the year where we have to trust that God is at work more than ever: freshman outreach! In just a few weeks, students will flood back to campuses and establish a routine that will likely last the rest of the school year. In our ministries, we focus a lot of attention and energy on these opening weeks of the school year as we seek to get the word out about RUF and draw new students into our fellowship. It can be an intense time, and many preparations must be made, but in the end, we campus ministers need to hear the same Gospel that we share with our students: God is at work to bring redemption across His entire creation - even on college campuses. His plan for you is good. Christ died so that we could stand gloriously complete in Him, even as we fumble through freshman outreach! Please pray for our ministries as we finalize plans for freshman outreach over the next few weeks. Pray that we would add many new students to our number. Most importantly, pray that the Gospel would be heard afresh by both students and campus ministers!

Lucas Dourado, Campus Minister at Connecticut
July 28, 2014
Northeast@ruf.org • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018