God at Work at Millersville

This is my second year on the Millersville University campus. Last year was filled with the challenges of ordination. Starting this year, I was very excited to devote my full attention to students and ministry and see what God was going to do with that. It has been so much fun to watch the Lord work in and through the students. During our first week of class, RUF at Millersville, or RUFville as we affectionately refer to it, was on campus every day and every night to draw the attention of the students. We played games, had a magic show, handed out snowballs, attended the campus club fair and held small groups. It was so fun and encouraging to see our established students showing up to help out. They invited friends, served snowballs, worked our table for the club fair and showed their passion and excitement about RUF.

While we were showing up to do the work required to put on activities, God was showing up to work in the hearts of students. During the first week, I was able to have a number of conversations where students have expressed interest in faith. One student told me that her parents never pushed religion, but she came to college to try and figure out what she believes. Another student told me that he grew up going to church, but he wanted to reconnect to the faith that he once held. Finally, I had a student come to Millersville because it was the only Pennsylvania state school that she wanted to go to that had an RUF chapter. The Lord was working before we even showed up on campus to prepare the hearts of students to hear the gospel. We are excited to see how the Lord will continue to work this year.

Trip Beans, Campus Minister at Millersville
September 15, 2014
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