Getting Started at MIT

Our first two months at MIT has been a time of learning and praying. Being on campus has allowed me to begin learning the culture of this university, to talk with students and faculty, and to better understand the challenges that students face. Not only has this informed me how to better pray for the campus, but it has also forced me to think about the long-term ministry that we are seeking to start. How are we going to best build a ministry at MIT? In a technology and science oriented campus where many students sense both an academic elitism and an academic oppression, sharing the gospel has its unique challenges and opportunities. To accept and to realize that all our knowledge is derived from God's revelation and all our technological achievements are retrieved out of God's creation may not be easily accepted. That each human, how bright, capable and competent she or he is, needs Christ our Lord to be saved - this is the good news that Paul tells us is the power of God for salvation. Would you join me and pray for the gospel of Jesus to go forth in word and deed on and to MIT?

Solomon Kim, Campus Minister at MIT
October 30, 2014 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018