Equipping Leaders

It seems we've barely finished one year's freshmen outreach before we begin thinking about the next year's freshmen outreach. That's a bit of hyperbole, but it's not completely untrue. This year in particular at PITT, we have gone from focusing on outreach in September to preparing for next year during this year. That's because we are graduating a phenomenal class of seniors, and we have much work to do in preparing leaders for next year.

Sometimes God gives you leaders, and God has been very kind to us in that regard, as is particularly evident in our very invested freshmen class. But it is always the case that we are busy making and training leaders, equipping them to serve in meaningful ways. One very tangible way we prepare leaders for service is by training them to read the Bible well. In early November, about 15 students participated in a two day How to Study the Bible Seminar. In January, some of them will follow that up with an intense seminar in How to Lead a Bible Study. Quite a few of these will go on to lead small group Bible studies next year.

This process of identifying, training, and losing leaders to graduation never stops. It is difficult and demanding, but it's always good, and it's the means by which we reach students on our campuses for Christ, and train His children for service in the church.

Derek Bates, Campus Minister at PITT
November 25, 2014
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