RUF-I at George Mason

God has blessed RUF-International at George Mason this year by providing many students who are interested in studying the Bible while in U.S. We are so thankful to see God at work!

Our third Bible study of the semester had students from China, Vietnam, Korea and Nigeria. It was led by an American volunteer, and I was there for support. Thirty minutes into the study, two Japanese students who had never come, asked if they could join. They needed a Bible, so a Korean student grabbed one, showed him how to find chapter and verse, and handed him the bible. The Vietnamese student did the same with the other Japanese guest. Then one of the Chinese students summarized for the Japanese students the last three weeks explaining Genesis 3:15, and how God promised that one of the offspring of the woman (Jesus) will restore our relationship to God which we had lost through our sin and disobedience. Then we picked up in Genesis 15 where we had left off with Abraham.

Having just finished reading Unbroken (should be titled “Broken”) about the WW2 vet Louis Zamperini in the Pacific the night before…I was stunned, and hiding emotion. Fresh on my mind were the tensions, hatred and war from 73+ years ago. Not that long ago these countries hated each other!

Tensions and resentment still exist today, but here we were studying the gospel of Jesus Christ together!

Matt Bowles, RUF-I Campus Minister at George Mason
Decemeber 15, 2014 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018