Serving the City

RUF at Millersville University has been very busy in 2015. We took 10 students to inner City Baltimore for a weekend of ministry and service working with Serve the City - Baltimore. Our goal was to give students an opportunity to serve in a city that was not theirs. To see the struggle of a larger city, understand how to engage the challenges there, and partner with people who were already very active in trying to bring hope to the dark places of Baltimore. We are still in the process of rebooting the ministry here at Millersville and I was not quite sure how the students would respond to the challenge laid before them.

It was so exciting to see the Lord work in the lives of the students and, hopefully, in the lives of the people we met during our time. Students were great and jumped in with every new experience. We prayed through Curtis Bay (a neighborhood on the southeast side of Baltimore), ate dinner and played games with men at Helping Up Mission (a alcohol and drug rehab center in downtown Baltimore), and processed recycled building materials with an organization called Second Chance Inc. Second Chance Inc. provides job experience in building demolition for men who have a hard time getting a job because of criminal records. They salvage as much as they can from every building and then process the materials, upcycle them, and sell them out of their warehouse.

Anthony, one of our students, wrote, “I saw God at work in restoring things, in sending his church out and also unifying them, like college students from one area and elders from others, and nonprofit groups. I also came to know more of how God is bringing all his plans into fruition.” It was exciting to see God at work. The weekend was a great opportunity to build the relationships of our group and give them a chance to serve together.

Trip Beans, Campus Minister at Millersville
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