God’s Answer to a Chinese Prayer

I first met Y.R. in August when I picked him up at the bus station. A mutual friend of a missionary in China asked me if I could help the Chinese M.B.A. student get settled during his first days on campus. But a friendship was forged between the two of us that continued on.

Over lunch one day, Y.R. told me that his late mother was a Christian, and we talked much about the purpose and hope for our lives that Jesus provides. During the fall semester several American Christian undergrads also befriended Y.R. As his interest in Jesus intensified, Y.R. started attending Bible studies with them, and I gave him his own Bible. When Y.R. asked if he could go to church with me, I took him to a Sunday service where I just happened to be the guest preacher. At last, in February, Y.R. called me to announce the exciting news that he decided to be baptized as a follower of Christ!

I marvel over how the Lord of the Nations answered the prayer of my friend's late mother, by first connecting him to a Christian foreigner ministering on a Chinese campus, and then connecting the Chinese foreigner to Christians ministering on an American campus. What a privilege and joy to be part of God’s amazing answer to a Chinese prayer that spanned two countries and two campuses.

Rick Gray, RUF-I Campus Minister at the University of Delaware
February 17, 2015
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