Understanding the Gospel

The Dinner and Discussion meetings that Amy and I started last fall are continuing this spring. Discussion topics have included "Relationships based on a Christian Worldview", and this semester “Is there a Global God you can trust?” Our students come from (the most to the fewest) China, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, and Nigeria. As we've co-labored on campus with Bridges International Ministry, we've seen over forty conversation-partnerships form between westerners and international students for this semester!

A student named Mihael sought me out to discuss something he had heard at a Dinner and Discussion that disturbed him: "People are saying that 'a follower of Jesus knows that Jesus will never leave nor forsake you even if you sin. This cannot be, Jesus always forsakes us when we sin, and we must ask for salvation all over again! Do you agree with this?'" He went on to explain that to die with unconfessed sin is to burn in hell. As we chatted, I referred to Romans, Hebrews and Galatians to explain Christ’s righteousness and our sin. And now, Mihael and I meet weekly to study this “new” understanding of the gospel! The last time we were together, he smiled and said, “I really want to believe this gospel, it sounds so good.”

Matt Bowles, RUF-International Campus Minister at George Mason University
March 17, 2015
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