Students Ministering to Students

The other day, I sat down for coffee with K, one of our most promising young leaders in the ministry. She got involved at the beginning of this school year and eventually started bringing her roommate A to large group each week. A is a wonderful young woman who has had a difficult past, which involved a broken home, abuse, and alcoholism. I eventually suggested that the three of us study the Bible together, and we began studying Romans each week. It was a wonderful time, and to see A interacting with the gospel was extremely encouraging! When I would talk with K, we would marvel about some of the things A was saying as we studied the Bible together. In the last few weeks though, A has been difficult to track down, and has stopped coming to anything related to RUF. As K and I talked over coffee, we lamented that this was the case and discussed how we might love A by praying for her, and continuing to show her we care, whether she attends RUF or not.

One of the joys of RUF ministry is not just preaching the gospel to students, but supporting and shepherding students as they seek to minister to their peers. At UConn, where there is much brokenness among the student body and very little Christian influence, this can be extremely challenging. Please join me in praying for A, that God would bring her back into Christian fellowship as she processes the brokenness of her past, and for K, as she ministers to A.

Lucas Dourado, Campus Minster at UConn
April 20, 2015 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018