"We Should Start A Bible Study!"

Summer is a strange time for campus ministers, because most students are gone and there is so much flexibility of time, schedule, and ways that ministry can happen. This year, as I was feeling unsure about what we could be doing ministry-wise throughout the summer, I went for a stroll around the UConn campus with my 10-month-old daughter. We stopped by the library to visit a student who was working there and we began to catch up on life over the last few weeks since exams ended. At one point in the conversation, as we were talking about the summer, she said, "we should start a Bible study!" These are the words every campus minister wants to hear coming from their students! I replied, "Yes! Yes we should!" A nearby student who happened to be a Christian overheard and said he'd like to be part of it too. We talked about who else we could invite, settled on Tuesday mornings as a meeting time, and decided that we would begin this week. I was encouraged to see God at work (even in the Summer!) to make this happen, and God at work in the life of my student who wanted to make it happen. In addition to this Bible study, we will be hosting dinners and movie nights throughout the summer at our house for students and former students that are in the area. Please pray for God's work in the lives of students throughout the summer!

Lucas Dourado, Campus Minister at UCONN
June 15, 2015
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