A Different Perspective

As the wife of a campus minister I'm not as involved in the daily work of RUF, but instead I get more of a "bird's eye view" of the progression of the ministry. One of the things I especially love to watch is the way that students "grow up" over the 4-5 years they are with us. The freshmen come in every year like lost sheep looking for a flock, nervous - or sometimes downright scared - lonely, and trying to find somewhere that they will "fit." The freshmen who plug in to RUF find a safe place where they are loved and can grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

So many freshman come in very insecure in who they are as people and with no knowledge of Christianity. Fast forward 4 years, they are so changed by the time graduation comes. They are confident leaders, growing in their faith, and have an understanding of the importance of living out your faith among your peers and family.

Bonnie Mitchell, Wife of Campus Minister Scott Mitchell, Lehigh University
September 20, 2015
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