The Relationship of RUF with Lehigh University

The latest RUF Northeast newsletter has just gone out. The topic this time was RUF's relationship with secular campuses. Here is what Scott Mitchell at Lehigh University has to say about this:

RUF at Lehigh has always had a healthy relationship with the University. All clubs at Lehigh fall under one of three categories: religious (e.g., RUF), Greek life (i.e., all fraternities and sororities), and student life (i.e., everyone else). Religious groups fall under the auspices of the Chaplain's Office, which has been very helpful and accommodating to RUF over the years. While there may be individual professors who are hostile toward Christianity, this almost never affects how RUF, as a student organization, is perceived or treated on campus. The students in RUF and I have great relationships with many professors, including department chairs, as well as people who work in Lehigh's administration. We have been thankful at RUF for such a great university, and especially thankful for the freedom we have through Lehigh's Chaplain's Office.

Scott Mitchell, Campus Minister at Lehigh University
September 28, 2015

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