Long-term Success

In many ways college ministry lends itself to short-sightedness. Most students will be with us for four years at most. We keep a necessary focus on this window of their lives – on connecting with them off the bat as freshmen, on tracking them over these few years, and on sending them off more mature and prepared to live their faith out in the church and in their vocations. Yet RUF at its best works on this short window for the sake of the long-term. Our success should be gaged as much by where students end up down the road as by where they are as they graduate. Are they serving the church? Did they establish a reliance on the means of grace that will facilitate an ongoing growth into adulthood? But there are lots of people we pursue but never know where they end up.

Last month, I received an email from a former student that I had met with nearly seven years ago during his freshmen year. He had grown up in a Christian home, but didn’t really believe. We talked about lots of concerns, and we talked about what exactly the good news of Jesus Christ really is. After a while he stopped wanting to meet, and we lost touch. However, years later he wrote to say thanks for those conversations. Shortly after he graduated, he finally came to faith, and has become deeply involved in his local church! This fall, when his pastor asked him to share a testimony, he decided to send a note – letting me know how God had worked through those conversations years earlier. God is good. God is at work – not always on our timetable… But God is still at work!

Jeremy Mullen, Campus Minister at Harvard
December 3, 2015
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