A Christmas Party Reflection

Each December before finals, Maryland RUF gathers for our annual end of semester Christmas party. From a Campus minister's perspective I was tired, just like the students, and ready for a long winter break. But there's something about a party that infuses joy and hope back into us. I was especially excited to see new students laughing and enjoying the night and connecting with older students established in the ministry. I looked again and here was our ministry team faithfully engaged in serving and making the night special through planning, set up, baking, photo booth props, to leading us through a program of fun games and dancing. In RUF we like to truly "party" and enjoy fun and the good gifts of God. Why? Because we have a God of joy who is ultimately leading us to the greatest party of all time when we sit down and enjoy the finest food and drink at the fellowship of the Lamb's wedding feast in heaven. The Christmas party is just a small foretaste of that joy we will experience because of the sacrifice of our Savior. Merry Christmas from RUF at the University of Maryland!

Chris Garriott, Campus Minster at University of Maryland
December 15, 2015
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