Come and You Will See

“Behold, the Lamb of God” John says to two of his disciples as Jesus walks by. Their curiosity piqued, Andrew and the other disciple begin to tiptoe behind Jesus. They don’t walk right up to him: “Hi, ‘Lamb of God.’ My name is Andrew.’” Instead they hang back. They follow Jesus, albeit from a distance.

Jesus turns around. They see him, and he sees them. “What are you seeking? What do you want?” The question stops them dead in their tracks. Like a double-edged sword, the question cuts to the heart and reveals what’s inside. What am I seeking? What do I want?

“Where are you staying?” Andrew asks.

“Come and you will see,” Jesus replies.

See what? See where Jesus is sleeping? Or see if he’s the real-deal—the ‘Lamb of God’—just as John said? Maybe both. There’s only one way to find out….

Andrew spends the day with Jesus. He’s not hearing about Jesus anymore—he’s actually hearing Jesus. This, in the end, is what turns the skeptic into a saint: spending time with Jesus. One day later, the invited becomes the inviter. Andrew finds his brother: “Simon! We have found the Messiah!” “How do you know that?” I imagine Simon asking. And I imagine the response: “Come and you will see.”

This semester a bunch of UVM students are attending a Bible study we’re calling “The Life of Peter.” Some are like the early Andrew. They’ve heard some interesting things about Jesus; they’re intrigued; they’re skeptical; they want to learn more. “Is Jesus really who he’s cracked up to be.” Some are like the latter Andrew. They’ve spent some time with Jesus. Having spent some time with him, they—like their ‘brother’ before them—are convinced Jesus is indeed the Messiah. And just like Andrew, they too are inviting others who are near and dear to them to “come and see the Christ.”

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