Easter on Campus

Students go home for Christmas and New Year’s. Many of them go home for Thanksgiving. But for Easter, they are with us on campus. It’s a wonderful opportunity!

Whether it’s Ash Wednesday, Lenten practices, or Good Friday, this time of year brings out all of the Christian students who have been disconnected from fellowship. (Even if you don’t completely support all of those observances – as, indeed, I don’t – it still draws people out of the woodwork.) The sudden emergence of so many Christians leads to more discussions with non-Christians. Finally, Easter is a real holiday – and an explicitly Christian one! – in which we get to welcome students and their friends into our home.

Some non-Christians show up for services and lunch out of curiosity. Some nominal Christians will show up. And our involved Christians actually get to celebrate together! It’s a beautiful opportunity when we actually are what we aspire to be all year round. We get to talk about the work of Jesus, and we get to share a meal. We get to celebrate, and we get to welcome others. We get to bear witness, and no one feels awkward about it. Every Sunday is supposed to be a celebration of the resurrection, but for good or ill this one does stand out.

At Christmas, we often sentimentally wish that it were Christmas all year round. I wish it were Easter all year round. …But, then again, maybe I’m just occasionally waking up and realizing that it really is.

Jeremy M. Mullen, Campus Minister at Harvard University
March 25, 2016
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