God's Growing Whisper at Millersville

The Beans’ family is in their third year at RUF at Millersville University (or RUFville as we affectionately call it). We are firmly entrenched in rebooting RUF on this campus and it has been a great and exciting year for ministry. I suppose, as a Campus Minister, I am always looking around at my RUF brothers and seeing God bring HUGE numbers out to their ministry or the Holy Spirit transforming lives so that students meet Jesus for the first time. I see these as shouts or sonic booms of the Kingdom. We can’t deny that God is at work on those campuses. But for RUFville we have spent year three listening for the still small voice of God. I am not embarrassed by this route that God has taken. Actually, I am quite the opposite. I want to boast in how God has been growing the ministry at Millersville like a whisper.

There has been a consistent growth with RUFville over the last two and a half years. We started with 5 students and now we hover around 40. We are starting to see students from all over campus start to join up. We were heavily entrenched in the Music Department at the end of the 2015 school year. Now we are seeing education majors, physics majors, psych majors, criminology majors, and many more show up to our small groups.

This year we started our Large Group for the first time since the Beans’ family has been on campus. We met the first Tuesday of the month for teaching and worship. Now calling it a LARGE group is a bit of a stretch. We normally had 12-15 students. But there was an energy and excitement to our times together. Students understood that these small groups only primed the pump for what was to come in future years.

More importantly than all the numbers and all the program are the conversations. We have been having really great conversations with students. We have talked with them about resolving conflict in a Christ-like manor, about same-sex attraction, the bible, and faith, and what the bible says about all sorts of things. I am grateful for a wife that partners with me and willingly and compassionately takes on conversations with students as well.

I look forward to the day when the undeniable shout of God is heard through RUF’s ministry at MU. I think I will be startled by the sonic boom that makes the growth of his Kingdom clear. But I am genuinely satisfied and encouraged with the whisper type growth that is currently happening. God is at work at MU through RUF.

Trip Beans, Campus Minister at Millersville University
April 13, 2016
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