An Opportunity to Serve

During Spring Break I led students to Chattanooga, TN for a week of learning, serving, worshiping and tutoring children as we worked alongside New City Fellowship’s mercy ministry arm Hope for the Inner City. I love to bring students into different cultural settings and open their eyes to the needs and opportunities in our urban centers. New City has been a leading church in our denomination for the Gospel of grace - leading to racial reconciliation, mercy and holistic discipleship ministry. Our mornings and early afternoons were filled with work projects and helping get the Hope ministry center ready for an annual fundraising drive. I was also able to use some plumbing skills (thanks Dad!) to help get a bathroom ready in one of their half-way homes. What was most impactful for all of us was hearing from NCF staff teach us about urban ministry and thinking through issues of the gospel, poverty, race, and worship.

Here are some students reflection on the trip:

"The trip to Chattanooga was the first time that I thought about the ways different cultures add in worshiping God, and how expanding our worship to include aspects of other cultures enables us to give more glory to God. One thing that I noticed on the trip is how intentional all the staff were. We interacted with many different staff members at Hope and they all knew that God had a purpose for them being there. It made me consider - what is God's purpose for having me where I am right now?" -Bethany Scheerer Fr. Business

"I loved the experience of working with Hope for the Inner City because it showed me that God works through even the most menial tasks to show others His love for them. The people there were so encouraging; it still makes me smile to think how God perfectly placed each one of them in the positions they are in today." -Tess Fellner- Soph. Arabic

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve in Chattanooga with RUF. It was such a blessing to see God working in the inner city, and it was a privilege to be a part of that work. It's beautiful to see the light of the Gospel shine in dark and desperate places." -Cara Wiley Jr.

"During our short-term inner city mission trip in Chattanooga, Tennessee, my eyes were opened and my heart was stirred by the vision that the Glory of God is displayed through racial harmony and cross-cultural worship within and among the Body of Christ." -Bryan Selby Jr. Economics-Ancient Greek

Chris Garriott, Campus Minister at University of Maryland
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