RUF Supper Club is making an impact!

I just wanted to give you a brief update 4 weeks into our new year and give the Lord praise for what we are seeing. We have had four straight weeks of consistent numbers in the 40-50 range at our weekly RUF Supper Club (Wednesday nights 6:00 pm). This is the new format for our Large Group meeting with a free dinner, worship and message from 6 to about 7:10 pm. Demographics and understanding the specific factors of the Maryland campus and schedule brought this new change. We are seeing commuter students (a big part of UMD student body) stay on campus a little later and join us for dinner and fellowship. We are seeing overwhelmed Engineering and STEM students come consistently because 'ya gotta eat" and the meeting is not so long that they feel their night is spent and they can't study for that calculus exam. We are seeing new students and freshmen come and enjoy the night and connect with existing students in the dinner table fellowship. Overall it's been a real shot in the arm and I'm basically doing back flips in my mind as I preach through some Gospel stories. My series this semester is "Conversations with Jesus: Ultimate Questions."

Chris Garriott, Campus Minister at University of Maryland
September 28, 2016 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018