The Magic of Intramural Sports

In the waning days of summer while we all waited for the Fall Semester to start, my interns were hanging around campus one day when they happened to meet a new student named J. Surprisingly on a campus like UConn's, J was actually excited to find out that my interns worked for a Christian student group, as he was himself a Christian. Since then, J has steadily made his way into our ministry.

J LOVES sports, and when it came time for intramural sports sign-ups he desperately wanted to form a team. The guys in RUF quickly became his recruiting pool, and since J is a relentless recruiter we now have - for the first time ever - an RUF intramural team! We played flag football together in the Fall and are now playing soccer. We're not bad!

I've also been pleasantly surprised at how good of a fellowship opportunity intramural sports has become. Our RUF guys bond together in teamwork, and it has become an avenue to add new guys into our fellowship. The students who don't play on the team love to come cheer us on. The teams we compete against are usually quite surprised at what a fun cheering section we have. Last game, I heard a few of our opponents wondering aloud what kind of group we were and why we had so many fans! Join me in praying that the light of our fellowship in Christ would shine bright through the avenue of intramural sports, and join me in thanking God for His providence in introducing us to J!

Lucas Dourado, Campus Minister at UConn
February 22,2017 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018