Interns in Action!

In August Logan and Kristy Lowder moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to College Park, Maryland, to begin a two-year internship with RUF. It's been a big adjustment. Maryland is not Tennessee, and College Park is not Nashville, but we thought they would be a good fit there. Logan grew up in Beijing and speaks Mandarin, and he should connect with the sizable group of Chinese students who seem attracted to RUF at Maryland.

Logan and Kristy are settling in and are making a solid contribution to our ministry at the University of Maryland. I was there on Thursday to see Logan lead a superb Bible study, with lively discussion and good application of the scripture to life. And Kristy is quickly latching onto the women in the group. It was good later to process the changes of the past few months with Logan and Kristy. And Logan showed me how he can send text messages in Chinese characters to the Chinese students in the group.

Praise God for such good interns! Pray for Logan and Kristy to flourish in College Park.

David Green, Area Coordinator
November 17, 2012 • 610-691-0988 • 631 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018