God Is at Work

One thing I hear my neighbors really struggle with is job security. And, in an economic climate like this one, I can understand why. Even campus minsters struggle with it to some degree as we rely entirely on others to provide support for ministry. But at least in terms of job success -- that is, success on campus -- I have a leg up on my neighbors. And not just me, but all RUF campus ministers. What is this "leg up"? It's the core belief that God is at work. There's no other way to explain so many things that happen on campus than this. For example, last week I met with two unchurched students and gave them both the same gospel presentation. Their reactions were starkly different. The first reacted by saying, "I think I understand this. I'm not sure, though. I know I don't believe it, though." The second reacted by saying, "This is amazing. It just blew my mind. I love this." Why did this second student believe? Because God is at work. It's with this confidence and assurance that we share the gospel and minister on campus. Not because campus ministers are great or eloquent or sufficient for the job, but because the Holy Spirit wants to see Christ Jesus glorified through the salvation of college students. It's really the best job security a guy can have.

Scott Mitchell, Campus Minster at Lehigh
January 28, 2013
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