Herding Cats

A few years ago there was a hilarious Superbowl commercial that involved your classic cowboys out on the range, seated on horseback and searching the horizon for their cattle. There they were staring into the picturesque prairie with mountains in the background and wispy clouds going by; but, the irony was they were actually trying to round up a litter of cats! As we all know cats, with their independent spirit are quite hard to herd!

As a campus minister I feel I spend most of my time trying to herd cats! Out on the prairie of the campus, I-phone and Bible in hand, post cards for Summer Conference (SuCo) in my back pocket, trying desperately to text, connect and herd students into one on ones, small and large groups or by extreme chance get them to spend a week with us at SuCo. At the University of Maryland, Logan, Kristy (interns) and I have had a fruitful herding season for RUF SuCo. As you know, a week together 24-7 at SuCo has the wonderful potential to solidify the herd! Hundreds of colleges students come to the white sandy beaches, enjoy incredible fellowship and connection without any papers or exams to worry about. The goal is to both reach out to unbelieving students and build up the believers with the truths of the Scriptures morning and night all in an atmosphere of friendship, fun and sun. By the time you read this well over 2000 college students will have attended the conference in Panama City Beach Florida. Pray that this time would carry over into changed lives by the power of the Spirit. Pray that the 25 students going from UMD would return excited to glorify God on the Maryland campus in their lives and studies and that they would be instruments of redemption in their circles of relationships.

Chris Garriott, Campus Minister at Maryland
May 9, 2013
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