Praises and Prayer Requests – RUF-I at UD

Our largest group (well over 100) came for RUF-I's last Dinner & Discussion of University of Delaware's spring semester. After enjoying authentic Chinese food, we read from John 20 and talked about the resurrection of Jesus. An East Asian scholar (who I have been praying for, but didn't attend any Dinner & Discussions this semester)… Continue reading Praises and Prayer Requests – RUF-I at UD

The Best Week Ever!

At RUF Summer Conference, Vermont students get to escape the cold and enjoy some fun in the sun. What's more, they get to connect with God, connect with others (literally a thousand other college students from around the US), and connect the dots between what they are learning in the Bible, worship, seminars, small groups, etc. with real, everyday life. Summer… Continue reading The Best Week Ever!